What We Offer

生猛珍宝蟹丨Live Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab is a staple product that we are proud to offer. Through our supply chain network, we offer you the finest quality crabs in British Columbia and the United States. Our team carefully selects and handles each crab to ensure that we are providing a high quality product.

斑点虾丨Spot Prawns

We meticulously source the freshest Spot Prawns, ensuring each bite is an explosion of oceanic flavors. Laden with protein, minerals, and vitamins, our Spot Prawns offer a nutritious culinary experience for your customers.

加拿大龙虾丨Canadian Lobster

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为何选择我们丨Why Choose Us

经验丰富丨Extensive Experience

注重质量丨Quality Valued

野生捕捞丨Wild-Caught Products

欢迎反馈丨Feedback Appreciated